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Fire does not discriminate. It is a devastating threat that can end lives and demolish profitability in seconds. To protect employees and your assets from this destructive force, select a Honeywell fire detection system engineered by Eastern Telephone & Technologies, a Honeywell Authorized Dealer.

A Fire Detection system is similar to a nervous system for a building. Honeywell’s line of fire detection devices allows the alarm system to sense the presence of smoke, sense heat inside of a room and remotely control items like door releases and elevators.

In addition to sensing the condition of the items, the system can monitor the trouble outputs of other whole systems, allowing you to create a status monitoring system for other systems within the building. Thus, you can create a sophisticated integrated system that controls the building based upon logical sequences.

Incredibly sophisticated, the system alerts you to a fire and lets you quickly and efficiently pinpoint the exact location of trouble and fire conditions. This provides the ultimate protection of life and property.

For more information on Honeywell Fire Detection Systems, call Eastern Telephone & Technologies today.